Affordable Search Engine Marketing

For anyone that has not noticed lately search engine marketing is changing the way shoppers find products they are looking for. Newspapers are feeling the loss of revenue, and television advertisers are being very careful with their dollars. Even on the internet the face of advertising is changing and along with that the type of web sites have made a dynamic shift in another direction. The small brochure website is gone and being replaced with larger sites that expands the information available to the consumer, giving them a reason to buy. Content is King on the web and that is being expanded on every day.

The competition for web advertising has increased because companies are seeing this as another storefront to sell their goods or services. Traffic does not make much difference to a store anymore. How many times have you gone to the local mall and see that it is crowded but at the same time you will see stores going out of business. The key is not traffic but targeted traffic and only the internet can bring that to them. There is a lack of advertising space on the web and that is one thing that can not be solved easily.

Lets say that you have a used book store in New York City and want to advertise on the internet. If you want that ad under "used books" just think of the competition for the 12 spaces a search engine company has and the price you will pay because of the millions of "used book stores" in the United States. So you break that down even more to reach a specific target and advertise under "used books New York City". Now your competition is less but just a fierce. 500 stores wanting to advertise in 12 spaces. The cost per click just went up because all 500 of those stores want to be listed at number one.

Now lets factor in one more thing that is a concern to the advertiser. Google says that in 2006 the estimated cost of click fraud was $666 million dollars and will exceed 1 billion dollars in 2007. Even though the search engines are fighting click fraud just how hard are they really trying. After all they get a share of the money brought in by fraud. Their answer was "That is just the cost of doing business". Who pays for click fraud? That is easy to figure out since it is the advertisers paying for a PPC campaign. This is something that is not going to go away it will only increase.

A good Search Engine Marketing Company or SEM Service will find other ways to help their customers. SEM is not going away but it will be the designers with imagination that will survive and even thrive in the future because of their desire to help their customers not just collect their money. This small affordable internet marketing company located just outside of Portland, Oregon has found many answers to these problems. New technology has expanded to the point it will help us expand our services. We are taking advantage of every new idea that reaches the internet and using this to increase sales for our customers.

As a professional SEM company we can optimize and market your site to make a difference in your business and help increase your sales so give us a call today.