Affordable Web Design Company

Affordable Web Design started in 1999 doing Genealogy sites for friends and quickly expanded into the ecommerce areas of the web. Since then we have grown into search engine optimization and marketing. We have always believed that a presence on the web should be affordable for everyone and continue with that policy today. We work with small to medium sized businesses and help them compete on the internet. We do nothing but custom designs but use techniques that will hold the cost down. Your site will be unique and built the way you want it. We do not use templates that are used by a thousand other web sites on the internet.

Our Internet Consulting Services has helped many small businesses in Oregon and Washington expand their services. Search engine optimization has been considered one of the hardest areas of web design there is, but we have excelled in that where others have failed. Our techniques are based on a solid foundation of web standards as set by the World Wide Web, which is our governing body. These standards has enabled us to not only design for the presence but also for the future thus saving you money.

Affordable Web Design has done work for theater groups on Broadway in New York City, Shakespeare in the Park, the Medieval Festival in Manhattan and one of the top PGA golfers in the world. We still prefer to help small businesses in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and California. From a famous Deli in Philadelphia to a small craft store in Oregon we have gained experience in many areas. Our marketing system has helped many and will continue to do so at affordable prices.

While doing a website for a Coast Guard Cutter in Hawaii we found that the wives of the servicemen are usually young mothers that can not work outside the home. We have used them as a source to help us expand into marketing and other areas that were not available to us before. The technology is expanding as never before and the military wives have help us keep up. They are some of the most talented and professional individuals in the world and we are proud to work with them.

As a disabled Viet Nam Veteran I have also found a source of programmers that are also veterans and with them we have expanded even more. From data base design to web maintenance and marketing we are now prepared to offer almost anything you need for your website. With our resources available to us now our designs are not only light weight and easy to load on a computer but has grown to be able to include the newest technology to market your product and services.

Give us a call or email us today and we will be more than happy to help answer any questions you have. Remember you are helping veterans and those serving our country worldwide.